Our list of services includes:
  1. Using various methods (advertising, Tenant’s waiting list, to let board etc...) we locate suitable Tenants for our own properties and accompany them to the viewing.
  2. Carry out the necessary credit checks, obtain and evaluate references.
  3. Prepare the Tenancy agreement and arrange the necessary signature(s) from the Tenant.
  4. Collect a deposit which will be treated in accordance with the current legislation.
  5. Prepare a schedule of condition and an inventory of the property.
  6. Check the Tenant into the property and agree the inventory.
  7. Assist with the transfer of utility services (gas, water, electric & council tax) into the Tenant’s name.
  8. Send out monthly rental reminders to our Tenants.
  9. Receive rental payments on the first of each month from the Tenant.
  10. Carry out an inspection of the property on a regular basis.
  11. Arrange with you any maintenance or repairs to the property where necessary using our comprehensive list of tried and tested contractors.
  12. Maintain contact with existing Tenant and arrange renewals of the agreement as and when necessary.
  13. When the tenancy ends, we will arrange check out, where the inventory is checked and schedule of condition made.
  14. We will make arrangements to advertise and re-let the property once we have received the current Tenants one month notice period.
  15. As Landlords we understand that the first thing any potential Tenant sees is the front of any of property, so the exterior is kept in good, fresh decorative order. All pathways and driveways are regularly cleared of weeds and kept tidy, presentable and rubbish free.
We ensure that all available utilities are connected to the property including gas, water and electricity. Broadband access is available by arrangement.

All our properties are let fully furnished. Carpets are of good quality, practical and hard wearing.

All bathrooms and kitchens are in good condition, well equipped and functional. All electrical, plumbing, waste, central heating and hot water systems are safe, sound and in good working order and are inspected annually according to legislation.

Before the commencement of a tenancy the property is thoroughly cleaned throughout.

We assist and advise in arranging for transfer of the council tax and utility services into the correct Tenant/s name as part of our services. We can also assist in taking meter readings for each of the services connected to the property.

As the Landlord of the properties we are responsible for insuring the building and any furnishings that come with it. Our Tenants are responsible for insuring their own contents/personal possessions stored within the rented property (This not only covers the Tenants belongings, but also covers their liability to the Landlord for any damage to his property).

As the Landlord of the properties, we comply with the law relating to gas safety.

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 all gas appliances and flues in rented accommodation are checked for safety within 12 months of being installed, and thereafter at least every 12 months by a Corgi registered engineer. All gas appliances and associated pipe work and flues are maintained to ensure they are safe to use and prevent risk of injury to any person.

We provide our Tenants with a copy of the safety certificate before their tenancy commences or within 28 days of the commencement of the tenancy.

The Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations 1993 - It is now an offence to install any furniture in let properties that do not comply with these regulations.

The 1991 Building Regulations require that all properties built since June 1992 must be fitted with mains operated interlinked smoke detectors/alarms on each floor. Such regulations regarding older properties do not exist but we fit smoke alarms in all our properties and have them regularly checked to ensure they are in full working order.

The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) government legislation came into effect in April 2007. All deposits taken for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy after that date are covered by the scheme. The scheme is designed to protect the deposit and ensure that any dispute that may arise concerning the deposit is dealt with quickly, efficiently and fairly. Deposits are returned to Tenants at the end of the tenancy by them to the Tenants bank account.

From October 2008 EPCs are required whenever a building is built, sold or rented. The certificate provides 'A' to 'G' ratings for the building, with 'A' being the most energy efficient and 'G' being the least.

The certificate includes recommendations on ways to improve the home’s energy efficiency to save money and is valid for 10 years.

EPCs are required for properties which are having a change of tenancy, not for existing Tenants or for extensions of an existing tenancy agreement. The EPC must be made available for viewing by any prospective Tenant at the point of viewing or enquiring about the property.